†For the active person on the GO
†Turn your exercise time into prayertime
†Turn your driving time into prayertime

On the Go

Whether you are jogging , biking, riding in the car, or just on the go, The Rosary Companion is a Perfect fit for turning these activities into prayer time. Designed for the active person, this sturdy rosary can accompany you on your exercise routine and leave you with the peace of mind that prayer will bring, as well as a good workout.

Pope John Paul instructed that a "bible verse" should be read and meditated along with each announced Mystery of the Holy Rosary. The Rosary Companion is the perfect way to do just that! This rosary ring is packed with twenty bible verses, along with colorful lights that will easily keep your place during your activity. While your running or biking this companion will allow your mind to be free to meditate the beautiful mysteries of the rosary without any worry of your position.

The Rosary Companion is about the size of a stopwatch and easily fits in your hand or hangs by the provided lanyard. It can even be used with the included ear jack or a set of head phones. Controls on the back allow you to select from any mystery group, and a volume control has muting function if desired.

Now, if your in the car on the way to work or errands, what better time to pray the rosary? Equipped with a memory chip, this companion actually remembers where you are no matter how many times you start and finish. Each time you push the rose imprinted center button, you will Pick up right where you left off , easily completing your rosary throughout the day, even on the busy days when your "on the go."

Simply click on the buy now and take our Rosary Companion out for a spin!

"I promise my special  protection and the greatest graces to all   those who shall recite the rosary."

( Given to St Dominic and blessed Alan by Mary)

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Pray the Rosary "on the go"

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